gizem pakyurek


Gizem Pakyurek Interior Architecture offers architectural services in residential, hotel, boutique hotel, restaurant cafe design and decoration in Istanbul.



Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sok. No: 4 İç Kapı No: 542 Sarıyer/İSTANBUL


Gizem Pakyürek completed her undergraduate education in 2015 with a degree in Interior Architecture from Işık University. While her education life continued, she also started working life and took an active part in many projects. Gizem Pakyürek, who went to Italy to work and examine examples from world architecture, continues to take steps towards specializing in interior design and decoration. She has decided to carry out her projects and work with her own brand in 2020, after the professional experiences she gained in her professional working life.

At Gizem Pakyürek Interior Architecture, we work with talented professionals in interior design, which is our area of ​​expertise, in a passionate, intense, and taste-oriented understanding.

In the projects we plan and design, we design livable spaces that will be a source of happiness by adhering to creativity, innovation, and your demands. We build rational and highly creative solutions in innovation, research, and brand value development.

We take your ideas and get inspired by working with you to solve complex problems and design high-energy environments where you are happy and peaceful. We strive to share our passion with you through our work.

We think that the details enrich the aesthetics of the space, and we work diligently on each and every detail. Because in our projects, we consider the entire space as a whole, and we think that the details should form a unity with the space. We develop creative ideas on this subject and offer concept consultancy services for the project.


Satisfaction-Oriented: We find inspiring and permanent solutions by transforming needs into action.

Sustainability: We feel responsible for people, resources, and communities.

Versatility: We bring to the table the best ideas and solutions prepared from different perspectives from different sources.

Being Passionate: We love what we do and we work every day with unmatched strength, determination, and dedication.

Agility: We anticipate needs and look for opportunities in an agile, fast, and efficient manner. We solve problems at all levels with a sense of urgency.

Being a Good Listener: We actively listen to what is asked of us during the planning process in order to truly understand the needs of the industry and the venue owners in the project.