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Gizem Pakyurek Interior Architecture offers architectural services in residential, hotel, boutique hotel, restaurant cafe design and decoration in Istanbul.



Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sok. No: 4 İç Kapı No: 542 Sarıyer/İSTANBUL



At the Nakhla Cafe, located on Beyoğlu Istiklal Street, the cultural and nostalgic center of Istanbul, a brand new face was created when you look at the outside environment from inside the place. In Nakhla Cafe, which has a historical bath dome inside, historical and modern architectural details were used by blending them in accordance with the space.

Artistic references were made from many points of the place. Thus, an attempt was made to create an innovative atmosphere rather than a conventional cafe concept.

Corinthian columns appearing in the details of historical buildings on Istiklal Street create an unusual architectural taste thanks to the variety of colors applied in Nakhla. Likewise, the color variety of the elements that complement the interior decoration around the historical dome adorns the atmosphere, creating a feeling of having a pleasant and free time in the space.

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