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Gizem Pakyurek Interior Architecture offers architectural services in residential, hotel, boutique hotel, restaurant cafe design and decoration in Istanbul.



Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sok. No: 4 İç Kapı No: 542 Sarıyer/İSTANBUL

The Apart Seraglio

The Apart Seraglio

In the Seraglio Apart project, we completed the renovation of an old 40-year-old building and reflected the modern style of the Seraglio Hotel brand here. In this old building, where we decorated the interior from beginning to end, we implemented an apartment design with hotel elegance and home comfort.

Bedrooms and bathrooms were redesigned in a modern style. We made all the necessary touches in the interior of the hotel with great care.

The bedroom area is very important in aparthotel interior decoration works. This space should have a style that will appeal to guests of all understandings. The use of the space should be kept in the foreground as much as the decoration of the room. By giving importance to all these points, we gave Seraglio Apart a brand new face. With this goal in mind, we added private bathrooms to some bedrooms that did not exist before.

We preferred modern design in decoration since the building we are carrying out the interior design project has an old and distorted plan. We concealed the trapezoidal beams running through the middle of the rooms by making decorative ceilings. We solved the insulation problems caused by the age of the building and renewed the wet area installations and heating installations.

We completed the project on a turnkey basis by completing the furniture decoration in Seraglio Apart, where we planned the renovation processes from beginning to end.

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