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Gizem Pakyurek Interior Architecture offers architectural services in residential, hotel, boutique hotel, restaurant cafe design and decoration in Istanbul.



Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sok. No: 4 İç Kapı No: 542 Sarıyer/İSTANBUL

Validebag Residence N

Validebag Residence N

For this exciting project in Validebağ Konakları, Gizem Pakyürek Interior Architecture team has developed an interior design concept that prioritizes elegance and functionality. In this 7+2 residential design, we have created a living space that appeals to both the eye and daily use by adopting contemporary luxury style.

Our project was meticulously planned to meet the aesthetic and comfort expectations of Validebağ Konakları at the highest level. The needs of our homeowners led the way in the design of each room, spacious living areas and functional transition zones. All furniture and decorative elements were specially selected and placed in line with the tastes of the residents.

In this project, we emphasized simple and pure lines in living spaces with our modern and luxury design approach. Every detail has been carefully considered to offer Validebağ Konakları residents not only a home but also a lifestyle. We provided a smooth transition to the homeowners by handing over this unique space, where comfort and aesthetics are combined with modern design principles.

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